Assessment Platform

  • Conduct MCQ/Coding/Fullstack/Video assessments for Internal/External Employees to measure effectiveness of your Learning Programs/Recruitment
  • Create Highly Configurable Assessments to suit your needs
  • Supports Coding assessments for - Java/DotNet/C/C++/Python up to 20 Programming languages
  • Huge Content Repository - (Programming Languages/Communication/Aptitude/Reasoning/Competitive Exams/more)
  • Secured Assessments - Detects attempts to move away from Test Screen, identifies suspicious video patterns
  • Has an inbuild Skill Recommendation Engine
  • Can Integrate with your exisitng LMS/HRMS systems

Candidate Profile Scanner & Management

  • Centralized Repository of Job descriptions/Job Applications
  • Manage External Recruitment Vendors
  • Skill Repository for Candidates appearing for positions
  • Centralized storage of Interviewer Feedback
  • 360 degree view of Applications right from sourcing to assessmment/interview stage.
  • Multiple Stakeholders login - Talent Professional/HR/Vendor/Interviewer
  • Use AI/ML to transalate Profiles to a set of objective parameters and establish relevancy to job descriptions

Campaign Manager

  • Orchestrate multiple rounds of assessments(MCQ/Coding) with Candidates
  • Generate Skill profile for Candidates based on assessment feedback through automation
  • Integrate with your Meeting platforms to conduct one-on-one meetings with candidates
  • Access of Candidate's Skill Profile with Interviewer when conducting interview
  • Subjective Candidate feedback input by Interviewer for subsequent decesions

Product Features

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